What Type of Commercial Insurance Does a Small Business Need?

Small businesses in Houston, TX aren’t all the same. Still, all small businesses need to consider which commercial insurance options are the right ones. The Noveri Insurance Agency offers various commercial insurance options. Here is what small businesses need to know to make an informed decision when choosing those options.

Commercial Insurance is a Broad Category

Business insurance represents a combination of different types of coverage. Some business insurance comes in packages that include the most common types of insurance protection. You may also need to add on some other commercial options individually.

Also, like other forms of insurance, the amount of coverage you get can vary. You should speak with a professional agent about what type of coverage your specific business will need, then go from there. Don’t assume that any business insurance package will give you the coverage you and your business needs.

Liability Insurance is the First Priority

One of the most important types of business insurance a small business needs is liability coverage. You will often find two types of liability insurance offerings for small businesses.

General Liability – General liability will help cover your business if someone makes a claim against it. The claim can stem from injury, property damage, and other things that can lead to a lawsuit against you and your business.

Professional Liability – Professional liability covers you and your business if someone claims your product or service was misleading or there’s an error in delivering your product or service.

Both of these types of liability coverage can give your business a great deal of protection outside of any other insurance concerns. You can find some packages that come with a certain amount of coverage for both types of liability. You can also add these types of coverage options individually.

Other types of commercial insurance are also important, depending on the nature of your small business in Houston, TX. Before choosing a commercial insurance package with just anyone, contact a professional agent from the Noveri Insurance Agency to discuss which commercial insurance options will work best for your small business.