How to Make a Life Insurance Claim

Filing a claim for life insurance coverage can be both emotional and challenging. Your loved one bought a life insurance plan so that they can protect you in case of their demise, and you need a team of professionals from an agency like Noveri Insurance Agency in Houston, TX to assist you during this challenging time. By understanding the essential steps involved in filing a claim, the entire process can be a little easier.

Here is how you can make an insurance claim:

Contact the insurance firm

First, you need to contact the life insurance provider informing them of your intention to make a claim. You will find the details of getting in touch with the insurance provider in the policy document or their site. You should see a postal address, telephone number, or a claim form. 

Before filing a claim, you need the following essentials:

Death certificate

Your loved one’s death certificate is required to prove that they are deceased. Certified copies of the original death certificate can be obtained from the funeral director. You may require several copies, especially if you intend to make claims on more than one policy.

Policy document

The insurance provider supplies a policy document at the time of purchase. This document acts as the policy proof and should be submitted when you are making a claim.

Claim form

The insurer also provides a claim form, and it describes your intention of making a claim.

Insurance providers require original copies of every document. As a result, it’s best to send the document by registered or recorded post to make sure they don’t get lost.


What happens if you cannot find the original life insurance certificate?

Life insurance policies are taken out over a long term, so it’s very easy for the certificate to get lost – we all know how easy it is to lose paperwork. If you can’t find the original policy document or you are probably unsure of the insurance company, you can get assistance from professionals. In case they don’t manage to locate the policy, they are in a better position to advise you accordingly on the next course of action.

Contact Noveri Insurance Agency in Houston, TX, and they will advise you on how to file a life insurance claim successfully.