Common Misconceptions about Flood Insurance

If you own a home in the Houston, TX area, you should seriously consider protecting it with flood insurance. Regular homeowner’s insurance won’t protect you against flooding. If your area were to be hit by a hurricane or tropical storm, you could lose your home and everything in it due to flood damage.  

Many Texas homeowners have misconceptions about flood insurance, causing them to waver in getting the protection they need. At Noveri Insurance Agency, we can separate fact from fiction about this insurance coverage so you can make knowledgeable decisions when insuring your property. 

Misconception: Flood insurance is only for those who live in a flood zone.

Most any homeowner can obtain flood insurance protection. Floods can happen anywhere, whether you live in a flood zone or not. In fact, flooding has been deemed the top natural disaster in the country today. By getting flood insurance, you won’t be caught unprepared for this calamity.

Misconception: Flood insurance isn’t worth the cost unless you live in a high-risk area.

Flood insurance costs vary depending on the value and location of your property. On average, however, homeowner’s pay approximately $700 annually for this coverage. Even a small flood can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home and belongings. As one out of every four flood claims come from homeowners who don’t live in high-risk areas, flood insurance can be a smart investment in protecting your property.  

Misconception: Homeowner’s insurance covers all claims for water damage.

Homeowner’s insurance may cover water damage from a leaky roof or burst water pipe, but not from flooding. If excessive rainfall should cause a nearby river to overflow and flood your home, you could suffer substantial loss without flood insurance coverage.

For more information about flood insurance options and costs, contact us at Noveri Insurance Agency in Houston, TX.