Why You Should Have Flood Insurance in a No Flood Zone

If you live in a "no flood" zone in or around Houston, TX, chances are that you do not have flood insurance. However, with recent disasters in the Texas area, homeowners who are not in a flood zone should be prepared. If you are considering supplementing your home insurance with a flood insurance policy, Noveri Insurance Agency has a policy ready for you. 

Flash Flooding

Other than major disasters, flash flooding is another disaster that can develop at any point of the calendar year. Some natural disasters develop in certain areas and at certain times of the year. Massive rainfall in a small amount of time can create a flash flood incident due to fast waters building and having nowhere to recede. When this happens, areas that have no history of flooding become underwater and uninsured homeowners have an unexpected disaster. 

Government Coverage vs. Private Flood Coverage 

If you find yourself unprepared for a flood, there is limited government assistance available, but it will not cover to the extent of a private flood policy. What you receive through government assistance will be a fraction of what your damage costs, still leaving you in an unfavorable position. Your private coverage is designed around the value of your home and possessions, allowing you to the money you need for repairs.

Flood Insurance is For Everyone

Flood insurance is not only for homeowners. If you have a condo or rent an apartment or home, you are also entitled to flood insurance. While homeowners are often addressed during these disasters, those renting or living in condos also suffer damages. If you live in or around the Houston, TX area and are interested in a supplemental flood policy, contact our agents at Noveri Insurance Agency.  It is our goal to provide quality coverage to our clients and protect them in the event of a flood.