Why RV Insurance Is So Important

Thousands of people in Houston, TX have an RV of some description. The different models that are available make getting on the road simple, easy, and affordable.

You need to think about insurance for your RV. Your RV is an investment, and insurance is a guarantee that your investment can be replaced if you have an accident on the road. You also need to consider the stuff that you carry inside your RV. Your RV can be a theft target where you can lose thousands of dollars of belongings. Insurance can replace the items if they are stolen.

The State demands insurance

An RV is considered to be a vehicle like any other vehicle on the road in Texas. You have to have a minimum of liability for injury and property damage. There are differences in the insurance laws depending on if you only use your RV on weekends, for a few trips a year, or you make your RV a home.

Other insurance

You also need to consider coverage for personal property that can be lost in an accident. Comprehensive coverage covers the RV and property in the event of total loss, theft, or an act of nature. Towing insurance and repair insurance are good ideas for RVs that are older with higher chances of breaking down.

Insurance that covers you and your RV in Mexico and Canada is also available.

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Owning and using an RV is supposed to be fun but protecting your investment so you can continue to have fun can get complicated. Noveri Insurance Agency has been helping Texas RV owners protect their investment for 17 years. Noveri Insurance Agency in Houston, TX can work with you in obtaining the proper insurance to cover your RV fully. Reach out to our agents for more information.