Does boat insurance cover damages received while the boat is in dry dock?

Boat owners who live in the Houston, TX area can call the agents of Noveri Insurance Agency to learn more about what their boat insurance policy actually covers. Once a boat is put in dry dock or storage, many boat owners believe they are protected against damage. The answer may surprise you!

Who Covers Damages While Your Boat Is In Dry Dock?

In most cases, the marina where your boat is stored will assume at least a percentage, if not all of the responsibility for damages to your boat. Marinas have liability insurance that protects them from a financial loss just like you do. Most marinas will cover damage that is caused by a natural disaster, but not damages that are caused by another boat owner. The other person would be responsible, much like in a traffic accident. This will be fully explained in your contract.

Read Your Contract!

It’s important to read the contract you have with your marina. The contract will offer details as to what is covered under their policy while they are in possession of your boat. Some marinas may demand that you maintain your boat coverage while it’s in storage. Others may offer full protection at an additional cost.

In Houston, TX, the agents of Noveri Insurance Agency can help you determine if you have adequate insurance coverage for your boat at all times, including when it has been put in storage for any length of time. If you have questions about your policy and what it covers, call and schedule an policy evaluation today! The agents will answer your questions and make sure you have the coverage you need.