Does Your Home Insurance Protect You From Damaging Storms?

With the recent spate of severe weather rolling through the Houston, TX area, many city streets were under water that have never flooded before.  Neighborhoods were blocked off, and home owners scrambled to recover from the unexpected damage. Noveri Insurance Agency invites you to review your home insurance policy and check to ensure your property is fully protected from catastrophe.

Wind Damage

Your home insurance generally will provide coverage against storm damage.  Shingles, tiles and roof structures can be ripped apart by tornadoes and tropical storm winds. Your siding might be dented or removed by strong gusts. Flying debris can shatter windows.  Should your home be damaged during a storm, give your agent a call as soon as it is safe to expedite any claim you might have to get your home safe and secure once again.

Falling Trees

Should the ancient oak tree that has always graced your front yard topple over, it can take out power lines, spark a fire, crush fencing and damage your neighbor’s property. Fortunately, your home insurance coverage will be able to help you pay for the tree removal, repairs to your car port, porch, and even landscaping to restore the beauty and function of your house.

Urban Flash Floods Probably Not Covered

Maybe you bought a house in a dry neighborhood, a mile from the nearest river or stream. However, with constant updates to urban infrastructure, sudden torrential downpours can cause street flooding able to invade your home where it never happened before. Unfortunately, flood damage is not generally covered by traditional home insurance.

Give the folks over at Noveri Insurance Agency a call and ask about adding additional insurance for your Houston, TX home to protect your property from unexpected water damage in the future.