Does RV Insurance Cover Items Like Clothing and Electronics?

The open road has been alluring to Americans for decades, and traveling around in a recreational vehicle (RV) can be especially fun and interesting. But before you get set for adventure, make sure you have all your ducks in a row with your RV insurance coverage. And make sure you know what your policy covers, such as whether it includes clothing and electronics. Here are some key pieces of information you need to know, courtesy of Noveri Insurance Agency serving the Houston, TX area.

Coverage for Clothing, Electronics, and Other Items

An RV insurance policy might or might not cover clothing, electronics, and other belongings, depending on what coverage you have. Make sure you ask for details before you get a policy, and ask what specifically the policy will include. People who live in an RV full-time should make sure they have coverage that’s adequate for their belongings like clothing.

Other Important Coverage

There are many unique issues to consider when you have an RV and need to ensure it. For example, what happens with your coverage if you go to another country like Canada? If you are considering traveling out of the United States, definitely go over and consider these details before getting a policy.

Traveling in Certain Types of Conditions

Before getting RV insurance, it is definitely worthwhile to consider whether you are going to travel on remote roads that are not in the best of condition or if you are going to a very basic campground. You should take issues like that into consideration when deciding what type of coverage you need. Think ahead to the ways you will use your RV and where you plan to go when deciding what RV insurance coverage to get.

Do you have more questions about RV insurance? Feel free to contact us at Noveri Insurance Agency serving the Houston, TX area.

How Much Motorcycle Coverage Do You Need For An Older Bike?

Owning a motorcycle is different than owning a car or a truck. The insurance coverage is also somewhat different, which is why you might have questions about coverage options for older bikes. If you are wondering about the need for full coverage, you may have other reasonable options to help you save money. 

Coverage For Older Bikes

If you have paid off your motorcycle, or have invested in an older model bike, you may want to decrease your insurance coverage. You should base this decision off of the value of the bike, as well as the amount of time you ride your motorcycle. For example, if you have a bike over ten years of age, and only ride it occasionally around your city or town, you may want to carry liability only. This is especially true if you have another method of transportation. You should also consider the value of your bike. In some cases, an older bike that is worth a considerable amount may require full coverage to avoid financial loss.

Finding Motorcycle Coverage

Finding motorcycle coverage options that fit your needs is important to protect your bike from accidents and theft. If you have questions about types of coverage you should consider and live in the Houston, TX area, you should contact Noveri Insurance Agency. They can explain why specific coverage may be in your best interest. They can also help you decide on coverage amounts to suit your needs. Don’t take chances with your coverage. Work with professionals who have the answers you need.

Residents who are shopping for motorcycle coverage in the Houston, TX area should call or stop by Noveri Insurance Agency to speak with a knowledgeable representative. We can answer your questions and help you get a quote.

Does boat insurance cover natural disasters inland?

You know that boat insurance provides protection when you are on the high seas. What does the assurance plan do for you when things happen to your boat while it is parked on the mainland in Houston, TX? The Noveri Insurance Agency can help you sort through what is and is not covered under your boat insurance plan.

What does boat insurance cover?

A standard boat indemnity plan usually pays for:

  • Collisions, where your boat is damaged and in need of repair.
  • Property damage, where you are at fault, and another person’s vessel requires repairs. 
  • Bodily injury, where medical bills, loss of income, and legal expenses are paid by your insurance company to the victims of an accident you caused. 
  • Comprehensive, where you are compensated in the instance of your vessel being vandalized or stolen. 

There are additional coverage options that include roadside assistance that dispatches help when you are stranded due to fuel depletion or other mechanical errors with your vessel. You can also purchase uninsured/underinsured protection so that you are guarded against significant financial loss when a person who does not have assurance collides with your boat on the seas. 

What boat insurance does not cover

Boat insurance works much like car insurance. The policy is in full effect as long as you are on the road or, in this case, the sea. The indemnity plan does not cover losses incurred by natural disaster where your boat is parked, and a tornado rips through town. You will need to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company to recuperate financial losses for such an event. 

Noveri Insurance Agency wants to make sure that you understand your rights as a boat owner and insurance policyholder in Houston, TX. Call us today for a complete explanation of boat indemnity policies and to get an up-to-date quote for maximum savings!

Is Umbrella Insurance Necessary?

We have insurance coverage for a million different things, but sometimes that coverage is not as much as you would like. In these cases, you can always get more coverage via an umbrella policy. The real question is, are these umbrella policies really necessary? For those in the Houston, TX area, the agents with Noveri Insurance Agency can help.

In most cases, your typical policy for whatever it is that you are covering is going to be enough to take care of any issue that may pop up. You are not necessarily going to need an umbrella policy for any specific reason other than you may not have as much coverage as you want with the policy you have in place. A great way to determine if you need an umbrella policy is to look at your records as far as your insurance policies go.

If you have had the same amount of coverage for five years and have never needed more or have never needed to use your insurance policy, you are likely not in need of any kind of umbrella policy. If you have had to claim on your insurance policy and it was not enough, you may need more coverage. Another great way to determine if you need additional coverage is to look at the overall valuation of your property that is being insured and what type of coverage you currently have. If you have a great deal of coverage already, you may not need any extra coverage.

If you are at all unsure, it is always best to talk with an insurance agent to see just what type of coverage you might need. For those in the Katy or Houston, TX area, the agents with Noveri Insurance Agency can help.

Common Misconceptions about Flood Insurance

If you own a home in the Houston, TX area, you should seriously consider protecting it with flood insurance. Regular homeowner’s insurance won’t protect you against flooding. If your area were to be hit by a hurricane or tropical storm, you could lose your home and everything in it due to flood damage.  

Many Texas homeowners have misconceptions about flood insurance, causing them to waver in getting the protection they need. At Noveri Insurance Agency, we can separate fact from fiction about this insurance coverage so you can make knowledgeable decisions when insuring your property. 

Misconception: Flood insurance is only for those who live in a flood zone.

Most any homeowner can obtain flood insurance protection. Floods can happen anywhere, whether you live in a flood zone or not. In fact, flooding has been deemed the top natural disaster in the country today. By getting flood insurance, you won’t be caught unprepared for this calamity.

Misconception: Flood insurance isn’t worth the cost unless you live in a high-risk area.

Flood insurance costs vary depending on the value and location of your property. On average, however, homeowner’s pay approximately $700 annually for this coverage. Even a small flood can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home and belongings. As one out of every four flood claims come from homeowners who don’t live in high-risk areas, flood insurance can be a smart investment in protecting your property.  

Misconception: Homeowner’s insurance covers all claims for water damage.

Homeowner’s insurance may cover water damage from a leaky roof or burst water pipe, but not from flooding. If excessive rainfall should cause a nearby river to overflow and flood your home, you could suffer substantial loss without flood insurance coverage.

For more information about flood insurance options and costs, contact us at Noveri Insurance Agency in Houston, TX.

How to Make a Life Insurance Claim

Filing a claim for life insurance coverage can be both emotional and challenging. Your loved one bought a life insurance plan so that they can protect you in case of their demise, and you need a team of professionals from an agency like Noveri Insurance Agency in Houston, TX to assist you during this challenging time. By understanding the essential steps involved in filing a claim, the entire process can be a little easier.

Here is how you can make an insurance claim:

Contact the insurance firm

First, you need to contact the life insurance provider informing them of your intention to make a claim. You will find the details of getting in touch with the insurance provider in the policy document or their site. You should see a postal address, telephone number, or a claim form. 

Before filing a claim, you need the following essentials:

Death certificate

Your loved one’s death certificate is required to prove that they are deceased. Certified copies of the original death certificate can be obtained from the funeral director. You may require several copies, especially if you intend to make claims on more than one policy.

Policy document

The insurance provider supplies a policy document at the time of purchase. This document acts as the policy proof and should be submitted when you are making a claim.

Claim form

The insurer also provides a claim form, and it describes your intention of making a claim.

Insurance providers require original copies of every document. As a result, it’s best to send the document by registered or recorded post to make sure they don’t get lost.


What happens if you cannot find the original life insurance certificate?

Life insurance policies are taken out over a long term, so it’s very easy for the certificate to get lost – we all know how easy it is to lose paperwork. If you can’t find the original policy document or you are probably unsure of the insurance company, you can get assistance from professionals. In case they don’t manage to locate the policy, they are in a better position to advise you accordingly on the next course of action.

Contact Noveri Insurance Agency in Houston, TX, and they will advise you on how to file a life insurance claim successfully.

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Homeowners Insurance

Owning a home is one of the most significant investments you can make in your life. So, there is need to protect it from unforeseen uncertainties with a comprehensive homeowners insurance from Noveri Insurance Agency in Houston, TX. When you buy a home for the first time, don’t wait until you suffer irreplaceable loses on your property before you consider acquiring home insurance.

Although most individuals know the importance of a home insurance policy, some don’t understand the specific areas that are covered. Here are the three main reasons why you should consider purchasing home insurance.

You Are Protected From Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as fire, tornadoes, and hail are unpredictable and can happen at any time. You may end up suffering significant financial losses if such disasters strike and your home isn’t insured. This means you will have to start from scratch while rebuilding or repairing your damaged home. However, you may not need to worry if your home is insured since a standard home insurance policy protects you from such disasters. Floods and earthquakes are not typically covered under a standard home insurance policy.

Your Personal Property is Also Covered

It may be impossible to replace some of your expensive personal property if it is stolen or damaged. Apart from protecting the structure of your home, a standard home insurance policy also protects your personal property in Houston, TX or anywhere in the world. The policy covers personal property such as electronic equipment, furniture, clothes, and even silver and jewelry.

Offers Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home is protected allows you to concentrate on things that matter most in your life as you deal with day to day activities. Although nobody wants a disaster to strike, you will be at peace knowing that you’ll still have a place to call home even when the worst happens.

Talk to Noveri Insurance Agency today for a homeowners’ insurance policy. Our agents can help answer your questions and you can get a quote on home insurance by using our online rating tool. Reach out to our offices to get started.

What Types of Coverage Does Commercial Insurance Provide?

For many people in the Houston, TX area, owning a small local business is the American dream. While owning a business is a great goal to pursue, it does require you to take a lot of different factors into consideration. One factor that must be considered is your insurance needs. Small business owners should consider getting a full commercial insurance policy as it will provide a range of different types of insurance. 

Liability Coverage

One of the most important types of coverage provided by a commercial insurance policy is liability coverage. If you produce a product or service or have customers in your place of business, you are taking on a lot of potential liability in the event someone is injured either when using your product or when they are in your place of business. Liability coverage will provide you with coverage in the event you are sued and found liable due to an accident. 

Property Coverage

Property coverage is another part of a commercial insurance policy. This type of coverage will provide you with coverage in the event your property is damaged or vandalized. This is a necessity if you own the property and have a mortgage, or if carrying insurance is a requirement under your lease. 

Workers Compensation

If you plan on hiring any additional help, whether it is full-time, part-time, or contract employees, you will be required by law to carry a full workers compensation policy. Workers compensation will provide you and your employees with coverage in the event someone is injured while working on the job. 

If you are a business owner in the Houston, TX area, you should contact the Noveri Insurance Agency to learn more about commercial insurance. The Noveri Insurance Agency will be able to help you better understand your insurance needs and also find you the right policy for your business.

Why RV Insurance Is So Important

Thousands of people in Houston, TX have an RV of some description. The different models that are available make getting on the road simple, easy, and affordable.

You need to think about insurance for your RV. Your RV is an investment, and insurance is a guarantee that your investment can be replaced if you have an accident on the road. You also need to consider the stuff that you carry inside your RV. Your RV can be a theft target where you can lose thousands of dollars of belongings. Insurance can replace the items if they are stolen.

The State demands insurance

An RV is considered to be a vehicle like any other vehicle on the road in Texas. You have to have a minimum of liability for injury and property damage. There are differences in the insurance laws depending on if you only use your RV on weekends, for a few trips a year, or you make your RV a home.

Other insurance

You also need to consider coverage for personal property that can be lost in an accident. Comprehensive coverage covers the RV and property in the event of total loss, theft, or an act of nature. Towing insurance and repair insurance are good ideas for RVs that are older with higher chances of breaking down.

Insurance that covers you and your RV in Mexico and Canada is also available.

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Owning and using an RV is supposed to be fun but protecting your investment so you can continue to have fun can get complicated. Noveri Insurance Agency has been helping Texas RV owners protect their investment for 17 years. Noveri Insurance Agency in Houston, TX can work with you in obtaining the proper insurance to cover your RV fully. Reach out to our agents for more information.

Preventing Motorcycle Theft in Houston

A motorcycle has a number of advantages due to its size. It can get in and out of tight spaces, it’s easy to park, and it can make the driver feel as if they can go anywhere. Unfortunately, this is exactly how a thief may view a motorcycle too. Even if they can’t get it to start, they may be able to just pick it up with the help of a friend or two, and then take it wherever they like. If you’d like to avoid this in Houston, TX, follow these tips from Noveri Insurance Agency. 

Invest in Gadgetry 

There are a number of companies that make products to prevent motorcycle theft specifically. One of the most effective ones you can buy is a GPS tracking device. These are generally undetectable to the thief but allow you (and the police) to see exactly where your motorcycle is being taken. There’s also kill-switches available that cut off the motor of the bike so that even the person holding the keys won’t be able to go anywhere. 

Smarter Prevention Work 

Never leave your motorcycle in a dark, deserted place — even if you think that you’ll be back soon enough to forego any damage. Opportunity crimes tend to happen in the moment, so you really can’t leave it unattended. If you do have to leave it out of sight, choose a place that’s brightly lit with a lot of people. This can usually dissuade criminals from making their move. Finally, invest in better insurance for your motorcycle for the ultimate in protection. Unfortunately, there is no way prevent all theft in Houston, TX, but Noveri Insurance Agency can give you the help you need so you can recover from your loss as quickly as possible.